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Ashland Bicycle Works 1662 Ashland St, Ashland 541.482.3440 Full service repair
Cycle Sport 191 Oak St, Ashland & 1350 Biddle Road, Medford 541.488.0581 & 541.857.0189 Full service repair of all makes
Firebird Bikes 3995 S Pacific Hwy, Medford 541.512.8848 Free bike recycling; full service bike repair; new & used parts
Get N Gear 340 A Street Ste A, Ashland 541.482.5181 Full service repair
Marty’s Cycle & Moore 720 Crater Lake Ave 541.772.9253 Full service repair
Service Course Velo 930 King St, Medford 541.595.8356 Full service repair
SOU Bike Program (ECOS) SOU Stevenson Union, Rm 105, Ashland 541.552.8512 Service/repairs, free labor/discount parts, loaner bikes for students, faculty & staff
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