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Whip’s Crushing, Scrap Metal & Auto Recycling 2101 Ave. "F", White City 541.826.8288 Lead acid batteries; no fee
White City Metals & Supply 7130 Crater Lake Hwy, White City 541.826.3242 Pays for lead acid automotive batteries
Think Green From Home N/A Prepaid mail-return for household alkaline batteries
Les Schwab Tire Centers Medford and Ashland Phonebook Lead acid batteries; automotive
Call2Recycle N/A Locate outlets for rechargeable batteries
Rogue Disposal & Recycling 8001 Table Rock Road, White City 541.779.4161 Lead acid only; no fee
Recology Ashland Valley View Transfer Station, Ashland 541.482.1471 Lead acid batteries; no fee
Radio Shack Locations Medford and Ashland Phonebook Rechargeable household only, no fee
Interstate Batteries 894 S. Front Street, Central Point 541.664.3417 Accepts alkaline for a fee; pays for automotive
Grainger Online link 541.776.0842 Offers prepaid recycling kits for many types of batteries
Battery Systems 2770 Crater Lake Highway, Medford 541.245.0500 Accepts lead acid; pays for automotive
Batteries Plus 3599 Crater Lake Highway, Medford 541.858.5103 Rechargeable & lead acid, no fee; pays for auto
Ashland Ace Hardware 249 A. Street, Ashland 541.482.3476 Batteries of all types and sizes; $1.99/lb
Allied Environmental Services 8266 13th Street, White City 541.826.2773 Accepts many types for a fee, including household




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