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Cell Phones
Staples 45 E. Stewart Avenue, Medford 541.774.9919 Call for items/fees
Southern Oregon Aspire 1990 NW Washington Blvd, Grants Pass 541.472.9300 Drop off cell phones; no fee
Recology Ashland Water and VanNess Depot or 170 Oak St. 541.482.1471 Drop off cell phones; no fee
Radio Shack Locations Medford and Ashland Phonebook No Fee
Office Depot Two Medford Locations 541.772.5571 No Fee
Economy Appliance Recyclers 2751 N. Pacific Highway, Medford 541.858.2974 Cell phones and cell phone batteries
Mobile Madness North Fred Meyer Center, Hwy 62 541.494.4056 Repair, collection, and recycling
Southern Oregon Goodwill 639 Tolman Creek, Ashland Retail
1241 S Riverside Ave, Medford Retail
605 N Fir St, Medford Donation Center
1249 Plaza Blvd #C, Central Point Retail
8080 Hwy 62, White City Retail
Drop off cell phones; no fee




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